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Spectrometer Instrument Control Environment

Welcome to the web site for the Spectrometer Instrument Control Environment (SPICE).  SPICE is a LabVIEW based program designed for control of neutron scattering instruments.  Currently, SPICE is being used on the HB1 and HB3 triple-axis spectrometers at the High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  This web site will be divided into 5 sections:

          1. General Information
          2. HowTo Guides
          3. Commands
          4. Aliases
          5. User Downloads

General Information:

General Introduction to SPICE
Introduction to the SPICE graphical user interface (GUI)
Introduction to the Status Display program

HowTo Guides:
How to align a triple-axis spectrometer
How to align a single crystal
How to write a macro
How to create a custom scan
How to use countfiles
How to use command line variables
How to write a SPICE device driver


help scan
hide scanoff
alias hold scanon
analyzer initialize scansim
begin lattice scantitle
calc logfileoutput showdest
calibrate lowerlimit spv
collimation method stepbegin
comment mode stepend
contact monochromator title
count password
countheader peak1 ubcalc
defcount peak2 upperlimit
defxy plusminus users
drive preset wait
ef run zero
ei sample

SPICE User Variables and If Command [MS Word document(.docx)]


mcu setpos


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