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Spectrometer Instrument Control Environment

Status Display


A stand-alone program has been developed to display the status of the spectrometer.  To accomplish this, all the information to display the status is published on a series of LabVIEW DataSockets.  DataSockets are designed to remotely display controls and indicators from a LabVIEW program and utilize a publish and subscribe protocol similar to HTTP.  As DataSockets can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection the Status Display program can be run remotely allowing users to monitor the status of the spectrometer as if they were sitting at the instrument.


The Status Display program developed for the triple-axis spectrometer is shown in the following image:
Status Display

The following information is included on the Status Display:

- Select Instrument - the instrument is chosen by a pull-down menu and the list of available instruments is specified in a configuration file.

- Expt # - the current experiment number

- Experiment title

- Detector Information
- the detector information box shows the current values of all present channels as well as the current preset channel and value.  NOTE that the Linear PSD and Are PSD tabs are included for future use and are currently empty.

- Ratemeters - the multi-colored dial represents the current counting rates.  The avaliable ratemeters are selected by a pull-down menu (monitor in the above image).  The number (x1 above) represents a multiplier and the current rate will be the number on the dial multiplied by the multiplier.  The green light indicates that autoscaling is turned on - clicking on this light will turn off autoscaling and the multiplier can then be manually selected.  Finally, the number above the ratemeter provides a digital display of the current rate.

- Motors - a list of all motors and the current position of these motors is shown on the right of the status display.  All motors which are not hidden will be shown on the Status Display.  To hide a specific motor, use the hide command or its GUI interface.  There are 3 lights next to the motor position - the left-most light turns green when the motor is moving, the middle light turns blue when a lower limit is hit, and the right-most light turns red when an upper limit is hit.

- Plot - the current (or last run) scan is plotted in real time in the graph.  The title for this plot shown the scan number, scan title, and the calculated values of the center of mass, full width at half maximum, and the sum of counts.

- Command bar - the bar at the bottom of the Status Display shows which command is currently executing.